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philbob wrote: View Post
Thats really looks simlar to a peice of fanart that was posted years ago on one of these sites of what someone thought NX-1 should of looked like ill go try and fine the picture bear with me
Yeah, I also belonged to those who wished for the NX-01 to be some kind of Daedalus class derivative.

Wingsley wrote: View Post
Maybe you could rotate the nacelles so the aft caps oppose each other, just like the Phoenix.
Very good idea. First, that will integrate the Apex more into the Trek continuity and second, it will look really cool! The next sketches will included this notion.

judexavier wrote: View Post
Wow. Love the sketching, reminds me of those M.J. development drawings. The 3D view is really nice. I like that "shelf" that circles the dome and projects into the Eng.hull.
Yeah, I like that, too. Thanks for you appreciation.
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