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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

Okay, I'm not much of a Sci-Fi aficionado... what did "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" say about watches?

Reverend wrote:
As far as the "ships stores" go, I don't think they are stores in the sense that K-Mart is a store.... I just have a hard time seeing Starfleet bringing snow globes and fridge magnets to the colonists on Caldos II.
Wait a second... How in the world are you taking two (or maybe three decks) at about 20 feet wide and maybe 40 feet long and turning that into K-Mart? And why would anyone want snow globes and fridge magnets? Basically what I'm talking about is the type of store that would have been in a military fort in the western North American continent before those territories were states. The only difference is that this one comes to you as it is impractical for these people to travel to a StarBase or well settled colony.

As for stores and the military... I grew up in Coronado and spent a ton of time at North Island Naval Air Station (where we had the Kitty Hawk, Constellation and Independence stationed) and the Naval Amphibious Base. These types of things seem pretty normal to me... in fact, the only McDonald's in Coronado when I was growing up was the one on base. So the type of thing I'm talking about is definitely not outside of the boundaries of the plausible.

Throughout Star Trek starships paying call on remote outposts have offered their faculties as a change of scenery for those who have been isolated for extended stretches. I have to believe that that would be part of the ship's function out on the frontier... to help keep the frontier productive. I doubt that anyone would want to stake their lives on traders like Mudd or Jones, who would be just as likely to never stop by again as to overcharge for the simplest of items.

Still, we're given to believe that the Federation is not materially driven...
I think there is a massive gap between materially driven and the comforts of home. I'm not materially driven, but do own pictures, books and other comfort items. I don't live to acquire wealth (I live to acquire knowledge), but I don't shun things either.

Look at any of the crews cabins and you'll see... stuff. Are they materially driven because they have that stuff?

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