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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

Well, considering that there are 6 compartments which make up rings 1 and 2 of deck 5, you could have one of each of the 6 senior (in command structure) officers located in each. Of course you run the risk of making those officers seem like den mothers of sorts. But I don't see that type of distribution going against the idea of those rings being Officers Country (where in this case officers would mean senior officers, master chiefs and maybe some chiefs in key positions).

Some other (random) thoughts about ship board life...

Rather than having a swimming pool, it seems like a more efficient use of space to have a number of swim spas to help keep people in shape. Also, if the corridor in ring 4 of deck 6 is continuous all the way around the ship (passing under the impulse engine machinery in the aft area of the primary hull), that would make that corridor perfect for running (or walking) laps (approximately 3 laps to one kilometer).

We know that there is a bowling alley, which serves a dual role as a community hall (for dances and the like), but I would guess that when not being used for shuttlecraft operations, the hangar deck would be another area that could be used for some form of recreation. It is just about the right size for a volleyball court (whose lines could be projected onto the deck from above). I would imagine that it would be used for other social activities much like the hangar deck space of carriers of today.

I was thinking that there might also be two small convenience stores in the primary hull, and a larger multi-purpose store that might take up part of the deck space of two or three decks in the dorsal (connected by a stairway within the store itself). I figure that this would provide more space than your average shopping mall unit. Considering that it is the 23rd century, I would guess that the convenience stores would be mostly automated (with self checkout), and that all three stores could be handled by as few as 4 crew members. I would also guess that these same crew members would also be responsible for general postal service.

To answer the question of why have a multi-purpose store and postal service on the Enterprise?... well, remember that the Enterprise is a frontier vessel, and in many cases the only contact with civilization for outlying posts and colonies. A visit by the Enterprise is most likely a big deal to people in places like that, and those people would have needs above and beyond just standard resupplying and medical checkups.

Like I said, just some thoughts... most likely nothing I'd put in, but things I would guess would be there.
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