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Okay, I thought about designing an own ship class for some time now. And tonight I decided to finally give it a shot. So please be kind to me — this is my first such endeavour. Anyway, here it is: The Apex class. (And yeah, before someone asks, I named it in honor of electronic music artist Aphex Twin who I just love.)

Basically the idea is to play with the Daedalus design and create something new out of it. I love the spherical design of that ship and always wished they'd have done something more with it. I imagine the Apex as a relatively small ship — maybe a crew of circa 150 or something like that. Maybe it's the 23rd century version of a scout ship (so the dimensions are much smaller than those of a Constitution class ship). I also want it to look sleek, elegant and fast. Here are some of my first sketches:

Relatively fast I decided to go for a wide configuration (for lack of a better word) of the nacelles. It reminded me of a plane or something like that. I also tried to melt the sphere with the secondary hull in a new fashion.

And here is what I finally settled on. I think I go with a rather unusual nacelle design. I'm not really sure though about the joint of spehre and secondary hull.

Maybe I'll realize some more elaborate pictures in Flash. We'll see. Anyway, I'm looking forward to your thoughts and suggestions.
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