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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Man Utd. vs Liverpool in Moscow will be UEFA's worst nightmare. Imagine 40,000 mancs in proximity with 40,000 scousers and a good fraction of them will be drunk. Let the party begin.

As I said before I want to see an Arsenal/Barcelona final now that Roma is out.

Unfortunately Barca is in trouble right now so I don't see them beating SAF's current squad (which is the best he had imo ever) unless Rio pulls a groin or something like that...

Arsenal should pick themselves up against Liverpool. Player by player Arsenal is just much better although Rafa's nous for the European nights may prove too much for Wenger to handle but we'll see.

If Chelsea wins the final then the Mourinho fanatics at Stamford Bridge will be owned again by Avram Grant.

Either way this has been another exciting Champions league season despite my team being knocked out early this time.
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