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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

So it sounds like you guys like the idea that these are holographic windows... sort of like the solution that Warped9 used for his shuttlecraft. I guess that is one way to give everyone a window cabin, and it would solve the type of issue Hoshi
had with the stars going the wrong way (as you could program a view from any part of the ship you wanted.

The question I have is this... given that it fell into almost complete disuse (at least among the characters whose cabins we saw), would that be considered a reflection of it's overall success?

It also solves an issue I was having with the placement of certain cabins... I had planned on putting most of the main characters cabins in ring 1 of deck 5, which is about as far away from where the windows are as you can get. Having Uhura's cabin there solved the problem of her running around in her dressing gown yelling for Spock but finding McCoy instead (from Tholian Web). If there quarters were in ring 1 and sick bay is in ring 0, then she would have been a very short distance away from McCoy who might have just been getting off duty.

Another Window issue that I have been looking at is the observation gallery... while the windows on the inside work out pretty good (in my very early studies), the exterior windows are quite a few feet higher than the related ones on the model. While Holographic windows are nice for cabins, I would assume that in some places real windows exist. Two such places that are strong candidates for real windows are the observation gallery (from The Conscience of the King) and the observation port on what I would guess is deck 2 (from The Mark Of Gideon).

Anyways, I guess since I brought it up, I should share a little of my hangar deck observation gallery stuff...

In this drawing I've left the gallery at a constant width as it travels along the side of the ship. Though I'm not seriously considering staying with that, I figured it was a good outer boundary to start with and then narrow the corridor over the length to see how it works out with hangar space.
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