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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

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I suppose you could say these aren't windows but holographic screens, to help open up the room a bit and guard against claustrophobia. It's a stretch, but better than trying to match it to the exterior windows and it frees the windows on the saucer perimeter for common areas.
That's what Franz Joseph inferred when he termed them "environmental systems reactors". I'd think some of the "windows" were just that, but it seems unnecessary to have them everywhere when the view from a window could be precisely simulated on any screen. It's not as if we are comparing a big screen television to a window -- these people should be able to conjure a perfect holographic replica of the outside view.

So... IMO those little "windows" seen in the first season were FJ's environmental systems reactors, and those quarters were not situated along the saucer rim. The curvature of the corridor would strongly suggest a more central location.
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