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(UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

I think the different threads has run its course and theres no real need for it anymore, now that we have a pure sport section so the threads are in no real danger of disappearing amongst the dozens and dozens of threads we used to have back when it was in the Miscellaneous section.

So this thread is designed to talk about the UEFA side of football for us Europeans and fans of football this side of the world and will last hopefully till at least end of May when the major football leagues end there seasons along with the finals of the UEFA Cup and UEFA Champions League. I will stick up a different thread come end of May for EURO 2008 as well.

Best way to start is the upcoming FINAL 8 - CL fixtures which are due to play there 1st legs tonight and tommorow...

Roma vs. Man Utd
Schalke vs. Barcelona
Arsenal vs, Liverpool
Fenerbache vs. Chelsea

Personally I still feel that Man Utd will win the CL but will most likely only get a draw tonight against ROMA (1-1)

Barcelona should walk over the germans and win both legs fairly comfortable but there form is patchy lately with only 1 win in 7 games.

Arsenal and Liverpool is a close one to call but I do feel the London club should be too strong for Liverpool. I think Arsenal will lose the away leg but should win the 1st home leg by a decent enough score to get through to the semi final.

I don't think Chelsea will win in Turkey but there home form should see them through.
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