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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Join a Community::

Have you taken a look at Bravo Fleet lately?
It is more than just the most recognized name in Star Trek RPG on the net. It is a community
of Over ten years of simming excellence that offers a well organized supportive environment for players
and those seeking the challenge of command.
Some examples of the many support services available are :
recruiting, graphics, and an extensive infobase of Star Trek and Bravo Fleet cannon.
All of these services are offered to our members free of charge.
Forget what you thought you know , and check out Bravo Fleet Today
www.BravoFleet. com
or check out the follow list of sims currently seeking players:

USS Courageous - http://www.uss- courageous. net
Captain Conor Starke - co@uss-courageous. net
various positions .

[http://yejquv. com/BFKC/ Octagon.html
Bat_King@talktalk. net
Any position - yes ANY position - for Romulans, Cardassians and Klingons (all NOT Starfleet... must be from relevant Government)

[COLOR=#003399]http://uss-warspite .mwestint. org/[/COLOR]
Commander Andrew J Hunter / [COLOR=#003399]feeneyrp@yahoo. com[/COLOR]
various positions .

USS Civilization
[COLOR=#003399]http://www.uss- civilization. starfleetuk. com[/COLOR]
Commander Bernardo De Vega

USS Capella -http://usscapella. net
Lt. Cmdr. David Jones - [COLOR=#003399]co@usscapella. net[/COLOR]
various positions .

DS17 in TF86
email: [COLOR=#003399]beepx22@hotmail. com[/COLOR]
Variety of Positions

www.freedom. [COLOR=#003399][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#003399]rsbarak@gmail. com[/COLOR]
various positions .

USS Vincennes - [COLOR=#003399]http://ussexeter167 /[/COLOR]
Lt. Col. William Ragsdale - [COLOR=#003399]daagan@yahoo. com[/COLOR]
various positions

USS Charleston -]http://www.usscharl eston.trekhost. org/
Lt. Commander Miranda Cook - [COLOR=#003399]c_wise222@yahoo. com[/COLOR]
Chief Sec/Tac, Chief Science, Chief Medical
[COLOR=#003399]http://starbasebrav o.trekhost. org/[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#003399]st_riskin@yahoo. com[/COLOR]

USS -Electra
various positions
[COLOR=#003399]www.uss-electra@ starfleetuk. com[/COLOR]
co@[COLOR=#003399]uss-electra@ starfleetuk. com[/COLOR]

USS Phobos
Variety of Senior Staff and other positions

USS Lakota
[COLOR=#003399]http://kda-simms. net/lakota/[/COLOR]
various positions .

USS Terpischore
[COLOR=#003399]http://ussterpischo re.bravofleet. biz/[/COLOR]
various positions

USS Lakota
[COLOR=#003399]http://www.lakota. scifiasylum. com[/COLOR]
Chief Engineering Officer

USS Coral Sea
[COLOR=#003399]http://usscoralsea. raeyan-sector. com/index. php?page= main[/COLOR]
Captain Bryon Cox
Task Group Alpha CO
various positions .

[COLOR=#003399]http://ussviper. trekhost. org/main[/COLOR]
Commander Ryan Greenwood - [COLOR=#003399]boomer21@joplin. com[/COLOR]
various positions .

USS Iowa
Our website [COLOR=#003399]http://issavenger. iowa.html[/COLOR]
Our yahoo group [COLOR=#003399]http://games. com/group/ ussiowa/[/COLOR]
Our CO's email [COLOR=#003399]sam1147@comcast. net[/COLOR]
various positions

USS kelly- www.usskelly. net
Captain Steward O Stubing- [COLOR=#003399]lestardofcalburg@[/COLOR]
our forum: [COLOR=#003399]http://usskellyforu[/COLOR]
various positions

USS Lexington- Flag Ship of Task Force 17
various positions

USS Sizemore


Chief Medical Officer
Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Diplomatic Officer/Ambassador

USS Independence NCC-91805 - [COLOR=#1d2942][/COLOR]
Captain Solomon Ezekial Grace - [COLOR=#1d2942][/COLOR]
Key Positions - Chief Security/Tactical Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Operations Officer

USS Phoenix - NCC 65420-A



Chief Medical Officer, Chief Science Officer, many junior positions available.

USS Defender
Commodore Damien Phillips / [COLOR=#1d2942][/COLOR]
Positions : Wide Variety including Department heads and Assistants

1) [COLOR=#1d2942][/COLOR]
3) Executive Officer, Squadron Leaders, Chief Engineer (and coming soon), Black Ops Squad Members.

1) [COLOR=#1d2942][/COLOR]
2) John Templeton (
3) All except CO and XO


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