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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Hi everyone! For about four years, I ran the USS Salvation until my computer died. Now, I aim to revive this game with the help of old and new players.

The crew of the USS Salvation are the crew that Starfleet doesn't know what to do with. They are the members of Starfleet that are the outcasts, the hot heads, the members that Starfleet can't get rid of but have t hide to save face. They are the members that have shady backgrounds or the members that Starfleet doesn't believe they can trust to keep around. The USS Salvation is an experiment to hide Starfleet's dirty laundry so that they cannot embarrass starfleet.

The Years is 2382

See more at

If you're interested in joining our crew, please email storm counselor @ yahoo . ca (no space)

Thanks and happy gaming!
Captain Jeyakala Stone-Roshan
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