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Re: Yelchin Finished Shooting His Part

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Yelchin feels that the movie will be successful because of <font color=yellow>J.J. Abrams</font>. "He's wonderful," said Yelchin, "and he's got so much enthusiasm and energy. More than I've seen in any director I've worked with. He's got the same energy now, if not more, than he did on day one of shooting, and that just amazes me. I think it's just really quite an achievement as a director to be like that because it's a really, really difficult job and it's time-consuming and the hours are really long and it's hard. That he manages to be the way he is, to me, is incredible."<p>
You're through shooting. It's too late to cast anybody else. You can wipe your nose now.

Seriously, though, while I appreciate Yelchin's enthusiasm for the role and the movie (even if his comments are likely scripted), people don't come to see a movie because of the director.

While there are a FEW who may garner that kind of attention, Abrams isn't one of them.
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