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Re: Should Simon Pegg cut off middle finger out of respect for canon?

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Rest assured, I've sent Pegg and Abrams an e-mail demanding the finger be severed before filming. I've stated that the method is not important, but that if they were to use a Scottish claymore, that would score points from the Trek community. I've also threatened both men with bodily harm should the demand go ignored, and I've let them know that this film will not only be boycotted by the community should the finger remain on Pegg's hand, but that we will do everything in our power to destroy every copy of the film, and make the lives of the cast and crew a living hell.

Also, I took the liberty of signing the letter with the names of everyone on the BBS.
I'm glad I'm a new member... I heard that any death threats to crew of ST XI is being investigated at the highest level of government.
AP News- Vice-President Cheney was seen cleaning his gun today... mumbled something about a BS BBS causing trouble... ;-)
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