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Allegory doesn't forgive everything. And riddle me this: if Kevin was so guilt-wracked, why was he content to go on living in his little Crater's Paradise with a recreation of his dead wife
I thought it made sense. He was so ashamed over what he did and was so overwhelmed by the grief over the loss of his wife that the recreation was just a form of coping, to try to make things the way they were and so in his mind he could pretend it never happened.
and why was he willing to torture Troi to the brink of madness to cover up his crime?
As he said he was afraid of anyone finding out of what he had done. What he had done was such an anathema to what he believed in that he couldn't bear that anyone learned of the despicable thing he did.

Did the episode say Kevin was right in what he did? Of course not. It painted a very human and sympathetic portrait of him but also condemned what he did. But it never made him a hero, simply a tragic figure.
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