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Well said, ancient. MEG completely missed the point of the story and the character, as she is usually prone to do, turning yet another "review" into a personal diatribe that rambles on and on and in the end has no value.

"Why didn't Kevin do this technobabble thing? Why didn't he do the 'right thing' that I'm so clearly right about? Why, why, why am I soooo much smarter than the writers of this misbegotten piece of crap?" It's an allegory! It's a tale of absolute power corrupting absolutely, no matter how much its possessor tries to avoid it, if only for one brief instant of grief and terror and loss. It's not about a superbeing wanting to be more human - it's about a superbeing falling in love with someone whose greatest power in return is only love itself, and the superbeing sacrificing his potential - since he can't sacrifice his actual power - in order to love that person on a more equal level. It's about the mental anguish of knowing that you can destroy on such a ghastly level - and maybe that's the only way you can respond, so you make a conscious moral decision to remain a pacifist out of fear and concern for the victims in the eventuality that you do lose it, and despite a heroic effort at self-control, having your greatest fears come true at the same time: loss of the love of your life, and as a result, loss of your self-control, with the resulting unleashing of a terrible power.

We don't know that Kevin's 'unlimited' power could do anything but what it did. If he could turn back time, surely he would, given his immense guilt. But this is fiction, and as we've seen on Trek itself many times, reset buttons do not make good stories. Kevin had to live with the consequences of his actions, and it was wisdom on Picard's part, not stupidity, that left him in the peace of his own guilt - getting up in his face would've solved nothing, as it might have if Kevin had been entirely without conscience.
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