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Re: Should Simon Pegg cut off middle finger out of respect for canon?

Man, ignorance truely is bliss. I just had a revelation that to many of you would be pretty duh. You have to understand that aside from the the more famous actors, I have absolutely no idea who most of these people are; I've never seen an episode of Heroes or Lost, so I only know most of them from the names I see here on a daily basis. I have however seen Shawn Of The Dead, though I didn't know any of the actors by name, now here comes the duh; Freakin' Simon (Shawn) Pegg is going to play Scotty? I'm sorry but that's pretty lame. I also just learned that he was in MI III, something else I've not seen, so I guess it makes sense coming from a director who likes to pick from the same tree. Maybe I'm still in shock, but my enthusiasm for this project has just dropped by about fifty percent; I don't care how many fingers he lops off, this doofus reminds me nothing of Scotty. I'm going to head off now and live in fear of what I might learn next.
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