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Re: The Survivors

Since, for some reason, I can't edit, i'll have to make do with another post: Like MEG, I have a problem with these advanced-beings-just-wanna-be-human stories. As much as I might like to experience a few hours running through the wilderness as a cheetah or soaring through the air as a hawk, I'd never want to spend my life as one and I'd surely never "fall in love" with a female, not if I--as the Trek gods always do--still have access to my human frame of reference. So why is it that we constantly see god-like beings--beings which, like the Organians, stand as far above us as we do the amoeba--desiring to be human, falling in love with humans, getting told off by humans? Talk about parochial story-telling.

Really, Kevin should have felt no more loss at the death of his wife than I feel when I flush a goldfish.
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