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I like this episode--it used to be one of my favorites--but damn if MEG doesn't have a point.
Really? And what, I wonder, do you and MEG think would have been a fitting punishment for Kevin? Hmmmm?

What would you have done in Picard's place? What would you have done if you had more power than Kevin(if you were a Q, say)? Consider your answer carefully. Then tell me again about the nature of evil and justice.
Who gets to be judge, jury and -- dare I say it? -- executioner?

I can't wait to hear your answer.
If I were Picard, I would have made it clear that no amount grief over the death of one woman*--a woman who died because Kevin was too proudly wed to his own moronic code to do something non-violent to rectifty the situaution, like, say, teleport the Husnock into a sparsely inhabitted galaxy or even put all their star systems in the galactic void beyond the Virgo Supercluster where they can go on living as miserable fucks and never hurt anyone--justifies a genocidal hissy fit and then invited Kevin off the ship. If Kevin is such a tragic figure wracked by guilt, he'd go quietly. But no, Picard was in no position to do anything. Doesn't mean he needs to keep silent about the magnitude of Kevin's crime.

If I were the Q, I'd fold space-time back upon itself or reverse the chronitonic flow or bippity bobbity boop the glayvin and intervene to save the Husnock and then put them out past the Virgo--well, you get the idea.

Or, If I could not, for some entirely arbitrary technobabble reason, do that, I think I might just have to send Kevin off to join his wife, the other colonists and the Husnock. If he's so grief-stricken and guilt-ridden, it would be a mercy killing, no?

Look, I still think its a good episode, I just think we--Picard, myself--let Kevin off too lightly for what was ultimately the result of his own selfishness, much as we are required in SW to forgive Anakin Skywalker his countless murders because, in ROTJ, he kills SDidious to save his own son.

*Of course, his pacifism was oh-so-admirable so long as it was other men, women and children dying.
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