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USS Victory - Engineering Department

USS Victory is a Star Trek-based SMS sim and a member of The Muskateers Task Group for Task Force 47, part of Obsidian Fleet. This is the home of Victory's Engineering Department.

A relatively new simm, our Captain has just introduced a micro-management policy that places department heads in control of certain OOC aspects of their department as well as in-play situations. In this capacity, I am seeking enthusiastic and dedicated writers to fill any of the 132 engineering positions aboard this Excelsior-class starship! Most key positions are available, and there will even be an opportunity for a suitable candidate to assume the Assistant Chief Engineer position in the upcoming months. (Plots abound.)

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, my contact details are on the site. If you're interested in another department, Victory has a number of positions still available, including some departmental heads which would put you in much the same position as I am in at the moment! (It's fun, I promise.)

OOC: I started out my simming career in the Star Trek universe and returned in February because I just couldn't stay away forever. I'm an extremely overactive writer, I like to think I'm reasonably proficient, and scheming and plotting exciting plot and character developments is my forte. I thought I'd add this since, as it stands, I'm currently recruiting for a department which only has me in it at the moment. There's a sample of my writing on the website if you want to see what you'd be in for. Sorry that it's in Geocities, but as soon as I have somewhere better to house it, you can be sure I'll be giving Geocities the boot!
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