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Re: Daedelus, ala April

Nice concept drawing there, CRA! But I think you should definitely call it something else than "Daedalus", as that class is deeply rooted in the extended Trek universe.

Your design, especially the secondary hull and the pylons, make it look to me more like a contemporary of the refit Enterprise/1701-A rather than a precursor of the original Big-E from TOS.

You may well call the Daedalus ugly, but IMHO it was a stroke of genius to enrich the Trek timeline by including original Jeffries artwork and make an early precursor of the Enterprise that we all know and love exactly that - an early precursor.

I think it is a perfect link between the Phoenix and all later designs. It has - at least to me - a distinct russian appeal to me and that is always a good place to look for proven and robust engineering.

How does the NX-01 fit into that picture? Well, of course it diesn't really - like so many other aspects of "Enterprise", unfortunately. On the other hand are there only supposed to be around 10 years between the two classes IIRC. Today we have all sorts of vessels at the same time on the seven seas with a wide variety of design finesse.

And one thought on the ugliness: IMHO the Vostok wasn't very beautiful, nor was Mercury but I always look at those spacecraft with fondness, because they delivered and brought us further. The same it true for the ISS. It is nice to envisage that with time we can get so adept in our engineering that the objects become graceful like the Enterprise, but in the course is there in (operating) truth no beauty?
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