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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

Vector, Man o man. What a killer, wonderful ship. What blows me away is your design skill, with all the related elements echoed throughout the design. And the little details are fantastic. One thing I kept thinking of as I read through this is "what a wonderful/memorable "character-icon" this ship would make in a television series or movie. It really stands out and defines a whole new design ethic to the Trek world.
Maybe it's the flowing curves and proportions. I could see a Vance toolkit based on this! That would be fun.
I have to agree with another post, something to the effect that "Star Trek fans make better ships than the TV/movie people do."

Outside of the StarTrek universe, I'd love to see your designs for a sports car, or boat, or a coffee maker for that matter!

Awsome work.
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