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Re: Pegg Goes For Originality With Scotty Character

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J.J. Abrams is not as much of a Star Trek fan as the people who post here. If he were, he's probably be posting here too. But, wait a minute! Perhaps he does!
I see Pegg's comments as sort of a cross between a respectful nod to those (such as myself) who aren't really happy about all of this and the obligatory schmooze that an actor is required to give to his boss before a film gets released.

Abrams isn't a Trek fan. He's said as much on a couple of different occasions. And, while Pegg's comments suggest the he might "get it," with respect to Trek and it's fans, I've seen very little indication that Abrams, himself, does. As such, Pegg's portrayal will, no doubt, be more in line with what Abrams expects/wants than what Pegg does.
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