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Re: Should Simon Pegg cut off middle finger out of respect for canon?

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so, will scotty be seen with a cornetto in his right hand whenever he is onscreen?
Theres two whole new movies in that reply...

Scotty turns round in his chair and asks if Lt Mike Invadedparis if he wants anything from the mess room. Upon coming back, there is a starfleet news report of an infectious desease spread from a crashed transport ship leaking toxic radioactive waste in the sector.

slowly, the crew star taking on zombie characteristics, eating people. The first of the zombies are all, conveniently enough, wearing red.

Scotty and Invadedparis then embark on a shipwide quest to reach The Shuttle Bay (A local bar near the back end of the ship) where they wait out all the zombified people.

Invadedparis accidentally hits the com panel and Kevin Riley singing Kathleen very loudly booms over the shipwide speakers, thus, the zombified crew break down the doors and kill their crew buddies and bite Mike.

Mike becomes infected and Scotty locks him in his office where he has set up the Playstation 400.


The sequel, to be realeased shortly, is a completely different box of frogs altogether.
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