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Re: Season Two Original Series Remastered DVDs Are 'On' Again

I'm in total agreement with you there, Ptrope. Trek is by and large the worst example of price gouging on the DVD market. Yeah, the DVDs are nicely done, and they're chock-full of special features, but when it gets down to brass tacks, people are buying the DVDs for the episodes, and that's where the value starts to fall apart... a full season of one-hour Trek episodes retails for what, $120? $130?* A comparable full season of Boston Legal or 24 goes for half as much. Paramount's charging an arm and a leg because they know the Trekkies will let them get away with it.

*I realize the prices have been lowered as time marched on, but let's face it... those were obscene, ridiculous prices, even in the earlier days of TV-on-DVD.
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