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Re: Season Two Original Series Remastered DVDs Are 'On' Again

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Sounds like the typical Star Trek marketing, to me ... of course they're going to release S. 2 in hi-def, but only after they've screwed fans out of another $120
Only *you* can screw yourself out of your own money. People need to stop blaming movie/TV studios for how they spend their own money.
We're not blaming them for how they spend their money - only for how they market their wares to get ours. It's true that only *I* can screw myself out of $$, and I certainly won't be doing it, but I also know, and they know, that there are many fans who will do it, given the opportunity, and they're awful quick to exploit that. Tell me you don't think that Trek, in particular, is incredibly overpriced, based upon the actual content of the sets. I realize that it's up to a seller to basically price his wares at what the market will bear, regardless of cost, but there's such a thing as gouging, and that's what they do to Trek fans, either by pricing the sets exorbitantly, or, by knowing the tendencies of their captive market, separating the product into multiple 'versions' in order to get as much money as possible, that even they know they couldn't get away with if it was all in a single wrapper.
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