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Re: Universal Homesexuals?

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Oh boy ... I'm at a loss for words.

Why? Personally I think it's a completely rational view (Especially through our Trek eyes)...A person is allowed to have such views after all, and I find merit in both, equally...Rolly-Eyed-Guy attack (As is the case against those with his or her views are usually met), or not.

Personally I see the world of Trek ridding homosexual tendencies (Via genome and/or psychological altering, however you view it) like they most certainly would rid the tendencies of those attracted to children. After all, can't a case be made that one who is attracted to children is "Born" with the tendency? Or at the very least cannot control being attracted to children (As many of them state)? (And no, before the flames break-out, I'm not talking about acting on those tendencies which clearly cannot be compared due to the obvious adult-adult relationships in one and a potential adult-child relationship in the other).

If it can be treated, and like cancer has been eradicated on Trek, I think it will be, or would be, in the Trek universe. Or if a person choses to keep the tendency, they can...It's a Free Trek World after all.

Stupid fucking moron. And before any of the mods give me an infraction, this stupid little idiot has basically called every homosexual person on Earth, a 'mistake', one that needs curing. I hope you can understand my little outburst.

Comparing homosexuality to cancer and paedophilia? Grow up you small minded, pathetic little man. And I'd love you to say all that to my face.
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