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Re: Universal Homesexuals?

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I am totally in support of same-sex relations. Yes, I use to be homophobic. Well, to be honest, I was male homophobic, but female/female has always been okay in my book. I am old enough now to respect that we are all humans and this is just part of the human condition, so I'm cool with it I guess.

Ahhh the old, "male-male relationships are disgusting and wrong.... but I'm cool with female-female ones, they're all good cause they turn me on" pathetic hypocritical attitude.

Glad you've gotten offer that ridiculous attitude... sort of, it seems.
Yep..a double standard, I agree. But a good one to have!!! wink wink

Nope it's a childish and pathetic one to have, assuming you're being serious.
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