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Re: Universal Homesexuals?

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If anything, I would think that, with the Klingons being the most Spartan or most Samurai-like of Trek cultures, they'd probably engage on some level of socially acceptable homosexual practices, just as certain Earth warrior cultures practiced hundreds of years ago.
You know, that makes perfect sense. I can see that. Totally. It would have been a bold move, one that Star Trek should not have been afraid of taking. Could have made a great episode.

Trek hasn't taken a risk in years. All we got were action episodes, which were fine - but the "issue" episodes of Trek died out years. I remember the Q episode about Euthanasia in Voyager, but I don't remember too much since then.

NuBSG confronts issues more than Enterprise never did.

Did Enterprise tackle any issues?
Yep, See Cogenitor for one example, Observer Effect for another
I like alliteration.

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