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Re: Universal Homesexuals?

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Having a well-liked alien race handle the subject is the best way to go about it, agreed. If they can do that, then we can refine from there and make a major CHARACTER homo/bi.

I'm leaning twords bi myself simply because it can be handled with humor, like how I handle my "bi-ness" in real life.

CAPTAIN: "So, bringing Commander Swarth to the dance, Number One?
XO: "Naah, we broke up. Stupid women, they're all the same."
CAPTAIN: "So you're not going after all?
XO: "Depends if Lt. Hoark makes up his mind or not.
CAPTAIN: (deadpan) "Oh that would be nice you two make such a cute couple."

...see? Not so hard, and it's silly.
True, but I'm personally tired of homosexuality/bisexuality/trans/other being equated on TV with 'happy'/'comedic' ... or even worse, with a 'joke'.
It's getting tiresome and sometimes it's insulting even.
Not to mention that some people could think of such a scene as 'silly' indeed (translation: 'that's all?', 'why do they bother?' etc ...).
I mean, I like the idea, but I was thinking with something that has more ... substance and detail.

Good point.

The trick would be to balance it just like any charater. Light moments like this, along with normal moments and dramatic moments. H

THIS REQUIRES MORE THOUGHT however Easter Wine has caused a distinct disruption in normal cognitive processes at the moment.
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