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Re: Should Simon Pegg cut off middle finger out of respect for canon?

jayrath wrote: View Post
This thread is offensive and in the worst possible taste. What will we make fun of next? Grace Lee Whitney's sexual assault and alcoholism?

James Doohan lost his finger fighting the Nazis. I would hope a little more respect could be shown for his sacrifice.

Grow up.

Mods, please lock this thread.
No. It's all in jest, not serious. I doubt James Doohan would want everyone to get all uptight over something like this thread.
archeryguy1701 wrote: View Post
Well, we're (or at least, I'm) willing to listen as to why it's so twisted or inappropriate, but you haven't given us much to chew on.
Wouldn't really be an appropriate topic for this thread.

If anybody has a problem with the way the forum is being run feel free to start a QSF thread. Be more then happy to entertain any ideas on keeping the forum interesting, without it becoming a spam fest. It's a fine line to walk, since this forum is supposed to be for serious discussion on the movie. Unfortunately, there really isn't any new stuff to talk about right now.
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