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Re: Articles of the Federation [spoilers]

Speaking of Articles of the Federation....

I was (as I am a geek) looking up the Wikipedia articles on the various capitol buildings of the world's states. And I came across the article on New Zealand's Parliament House in Wellington, and in particular the Executive Wing, which houses the offices of the Cabinet and the Prime Minister, and which is popularly known as the Beehive. I then looked at the Beehive's official NZ government page. And I immediately thought:

Hey, that's like a miniature version of the Palais de la Concorde!

It's circular. It houses the PM's office and the Cabinet on the top floor, just as the Palais houses the President's and Cabinet's office on the top floor. It has a large Banquet Hall, just like the Palais has the Hiram Roth Dining Room. The basement of the Beehive contains the National Crisis Command Centre, just as the basement of the Palais houses the Monet Room. There's also a television studio and press theatre, akin to the Palais's holoconfrence room.

I'm sure the resemblance is unintentional, but, nonetheless, I found the similarities quite striking!


Reread the articles and I was mistaken on the Cabinet and PM's offices. The Cabinet offices are on the top floor and the Prime Minister's office is on the floor below it. Still -- close!
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