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Re: Movie Caption Contest # 32: Party Time!

Just as a heads-up for everyone, considering the sheer number of entries, both regular and Photoshopped, I'll be judging this contest a bit differently come Monday. Inspired by the NCAA basketball tournament here in the States, I'll be arranging the winners in brackets, one winner per. Regular and Photshopped entries will be up for each one (and in some cases have to be). Here are the brackets as they stand now:

The Leonard McCoy Bracket

The Grignak, the Fish-Looking Coffee Asswipe* Bracket

The Dixon Hill Bracket

The Barney the Testicles Bracket

The George Lucas Bracket

The Humphrey Bogart Bracket

All subject to change, of course, but you might want to caption accordingly from now on. Maybe I'll post a poll in the next contest putting the winners against each other.

* = Seriously, someone needs to petition TPTB or the Memory Alpha people to get him officially named this.
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