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Re: Star Ship Polaris

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Think of particle beam weapons, and coil-like guns, accelerating their respective large and small ammunitions through negative energy coils that impart an antigravity "push". You end up with beam weapons, and slug throwers. A whole class of weapons called "CANE" guns that individually go by different colloquial and acronymic names. That's the weaponry.

As for defense, given the propulsive ability to create a stable antigravity field around a ship in order to prevent severely warped space from collapsing, I'd see no obvious impediment to using the same field to create something akin to "shields". The problem is, such shields would probably be all but impenetrable. So, we'd definitely need to figure out ways to make its use strongly inadvisable during battle. I think it might end up having something to do with stealth being destroyed when you employ such tech, or there being "smart" projectiles that can find gaps in an antigravity field fore and aft, making shield deployment have a big downside. You might be able to use it in a story to pull someone's feet out of the fire, but there would be serious consequences after the immediate problem of avoiding destruction is averted. You might have avoided the enemy's dumb-but-fast shots, but now are wide open to his followup smart shots that can see you very clearly and get around your shields.

In the end though, a problem persists. The incoming shots can be seen. If the shots aren't using their own form of warping or stealth, the ship can just crank the drive and take off before they arrive. So conceptual refinements are needed -- in the time it takes to crank the drive, implications of your location (interstellar space or in close proximity to a gravity well), propulsive and maneuvering capabilities of smart and dumb ammunition, detection abilities, stabilization of an antigravity field normally used for propulsion and being employed for defense -- all these are things that would combine to form the complex picture of how and why you'd do things the way you'd do them.

And yet... in the end, just as happens in effective dramas about sea battles, the phraseology would be simplified, or form background chatter, and inform the action, but the important dialog that moves the plot forward would focus much less on how something happens, and more on the fact that it happens and the effect it happening has on the characters.

I wasn't talking about using gravity for shields themselves, just using it to hold something in place that could interfere with incoming energy beams. Using gravity for the shields themselves would open up a LARGE can of worms...

Generating a gravity field strong enough to stop or deflect objects moving at relativistic speeds would require lots of energy. Buttloads of energy. Like maybe a small star's worth...

A gravitic field like that would also require that your outgoing fire be virtually immune to the effects of gravity if you wanted it to travel straight (or at all)...

Not to mention the time dilation problems your gravity shield might cause...

"What? We were only fighting for thirty seconds! What do you mean it's next year...?"

I really DO have a squirrelly wrath, you know...
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