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Going to do something different with the weapons and the "spine," so they're missing from this one:

The first version of the back ring looked a bit too squashed and twisted.
Whoa. <clunk...picking up jaw from desk and wiping away drool mark> That is bloody brilliant right there. I have been watching the progression of this ship through its many iterations and love it just like this. I know you are adding the weapons and spines back on, but even without, I REALLY like this version. Maybe you could use it if you ever run into the civilian version of this beauty.

About the weapons/shields issue - there is another option (actually a couple) used in today's miltaries (or in the late design, early implementation phases) that might be useful as a guide.

For example, the Israeli military developed a 2 part counter to antitank weapons (RPGs, etc.). The first is an electronic scrambler that tries to confuse the weapons guidance system. If that fails, the weapon then fires a small explosive projectile at the incoming weapon. The point is not get a skin to skin contact but to have the defensive warhead detonate close to the incoming weapon to either destroy the weapon or cause it to fall short of its target.

Another is currently in early development phases (I don't think it has gone much past the blueprint stage, although I may be wrong - hey, I don't work for DARPA!! ) It is basically a teflon net that shoots out of the tail of a Blackhawk helicopter when the onboard system detects an incoming threat (again, like an RPG or a missile). The net opens up and causes the warhead to detonate before it can reach the helicopter.

Just some options other than your standard shields, ablative armor, polarized hull plating, etc.

Again, keep up the great work on this baby. Can't wait to see the finished product!
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