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We don't have shields or forcefields. Best idea is not to get hit by weapons fire.

The danger of hitting or being hit by anything in hyperspace is about nil. During travel within spacetime, we probably would have energy beams of some kind to sweep the path ahead with the emphasis on imparting a very low-energy "push" to small bits of matter at an extreme distance.

It all depends on how versatile your gravitic technology is.

If you can accelerate things away from your ship, then particle beams become feasible. Perhaps a combination of weapons. Particle beams would be more accurate and probably have greater range, while missiles and railgun bullets would pack a bigger punch at shorter distances.

Can the gravitic technology move objects laterally, or just toward and away from the ship? If it can, then there should be a dedicated gravitic projector to move objects out of the ship's path (navigational deflector).

Based on the technology described, a type of shield MIGHT be possible. How about a magnetic or gravitic field around the ship for the purpose of suspending tiny ablative particles to interfere with someone else's lasers or particle beams? (This wouldn't do jack against missiles or railgun bullets.) Something like that could work if there was a way to prevent it from interfering with outgoing particle beam fire or navigation. ("No, Captain. I CAN'T see where I'm going! Some IDIOT ordered a bunch of shiny confetti dumped outside!!") Even if you can get around this problem, there's still the problem of supply during long missions. ("Sorry, Captain. We can't raise the shield. Bob forgot to stop by the Party Supply Store and pick up more shiny confetti...")

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