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Re: Movie Caption Contest # 32: Party Time!

McCoy: "I'm trying to get to Genesis, you don't happen to own a ship do you?"
Kenobi: "I'm afraid friend that we also are looking to charter a ship."
Luke: "I thought you said this was a den of scum and villainy."
McCoy: "Well, Talulah's tits glow in the dark, and she'll make your lightsaber glow for fifty credits if you know what I mean..."

Solo: "Listen buddy, there's the senile old coot with the annoying brat, or the loopy guy with multiple personality disorder. I ain't too eager on hiring out to either of them. So you can have first pick."

Grignak: "I here am new, selling coffee and fish eggs am I. Wishing to purchase a crate?"

Solo: "Hey Wuher! There's already Rodian stains on that seat. Do I get a cut price deal if I blast this idiot too?"
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