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Re: Any other fans of "The Section 31 Files" here?

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I was blown away by the quality of S31 files. I did find the first four episodes a bit confusing but I stuck with it and the first couple of seasons were fantastic.
See, that was my original problem with it --- I was just impatient at first. I kept downloading the episodes though, planning to, at some point, listen to them. I'm glad I did!

I was rather blown away by how well Busby took the temperal cold war, which enterprise had essentially abandoned and made it work much better than that show ever did.

I really liked the future narrative of the observer looking back on history and the hints of what was to come in the series but also how they were realised. The on going story appears to have been planned far more thoroughly than your average tv show.
Exactly. As I said the whole thing was very well thought out, and, like Babylon 5, allowed us to see glimpses of the future even though we had no idea what was coming next.

I do however feel some of the episodes suffered from being compressed into a twenty minute format and leading to opitunities for more character depth being lost,
I understand. Do you have any particular instances in mind? Because -- and I know I sound like a broken record -- it sometimes feels like Mak is always the first in line for most of the juicy stuff. Though, Dalonna, Korg, and Backus got some good stuff to play with too. I guess one that's fresh in my mind -- mainly because I listened to it today! -- would be the events following the crash of the Nosferatu in "Fallout." Given how much Dalonna seemingly blamed herself, as well as Tom Backus' own self-awareness of his maiming, it struck me as slightly cavalier to just give them enough time to bitch about it and then prance off along with Locke. Maybe its just me, but I would have liked to see them deal with their issues a bit further as they continued through the rest of that arc.

and I do feel at times the crossovers got a bit too much.
See, I'm torn between whether there were just too many (Martok, The Borg Queen, Mirror Hoshi, Riker & Titan, Archer, the Female Changeling, etc) ... or if they were just handled in too hamfisted a fashion? I mean, I get that Riker is probably viewed as a pretty top level officer, but I don't think that he's viewed by the whole of Starfleet as nearly Kirk-like in his awesomeness. Or that Martok, after years of dealing with Sisko, Ross, Worf, and Starfleet would be so arrogant as to ignore his allies. Little characterizational things like that can make or break a cameo and its what I was trying to address earlier.

Still though, I've got 2x12 on at the moment and I still love it!

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