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Re: Articles of the Federation [spoilers]

I've loved the book since the first time I picked it up...I remember picking it up at the same time I picked up Tales From The Captain's Table. It was a great read on the Greyhound I was taking. It's been in my collection ever since. Keith, loved the writing style. I could totally see The West Wing and I know that was the idea. I'm only sorry the book did not sell as well as we all had hoped so we could see a second pure Bacco book, but whatever you guys do with her will be awesome...maybe something in Destiny, maybe?????????

I find it ironic that you got to be the guy that wrote the first story about Bacco after they outsted Zife, and that you also got to be the guy who wrote the first story for Zife after they ousted Jaresh-Enyo. Dang it....I want to read your eBook BADLY! I tried looking for it on all the major websites, and it's all 404 Errors....really startin' to irk me!
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