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Re: Any other fans of "The Section 31 Files" here?

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I really enjoyed the first 2 seasons but felt it lost its way in the 3rd season. everyone should checkout dp's Star Trek: Lost Frontier its excellent.

As for Korg -- yeah, its one of those really simple, delightful coincidences in life that we get to see him on Hidden Frontier and Odyssey, and hear him on Section 31 Files and Lost Frontier. It helps immensely that Karl Puder has made the role his own and is quite entertaining to listen to and watch, but its also fun to see the fan film continuity working so well. I would have enjoyed the "Bold Venture" two-parter even more had Pioneers continued. Oh well.

Finally -- and this is another point I forgot to bring up in my original post -- I like that the characters didn't just meet for the first time in the pilot. They each have backstories that intersect -- Dalonna was rescued by Korg. Mak, Judah, Bishop, and Tom Backus all served on the Defiant. Locke was Sloane's protege. It all adds a very nice texture to the universe in which Section 31 takes place, and it makes it all the more enjoyable.
Karl Puder is awesome in the part, Doubleohfive you have prompted me to listen to this series again, re-downloading season 1 right now.

BTW does anyone know when season 2 of Lost Frontier commences??
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