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Re: Articles of the Federation [spoilers]

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^ I'll remind you that you said that when W starts his fifth term in 2016.
And then that's when, in his next State of the Union address where Congress and the Senate hears it, he'll tell everybody that he 'loves democracy', loves the United States, and to that end, will create a Grand Army of the Americas to deal with the increasing threat from the terrorists, who he's secretly in cahoots with, and will create the first Terran Empire. Next I expect him to shoot out lightning with his fingers and cut down resistance with a red lightsaber.

But back on topic of sorts....Articles Of The Federation is one of the best books EVER! I loved it. And I can't wait to see in the future if Bacco gets to take on 31 and bring 'em'd only be right.
"You know what you can do, Morris. Stop arming nuclear bombs for terrorists, okay?" - Chloe O'Brian in "24: Day Six"
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