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Re: Articles of the Federation [spoilers]

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I initially agreed with the placement of Resistance, but having just read Q&A, I found something that made me revise that. 'One day before the end of the universe,' Admiral Shelby was reading reports on the Reman ship approaching Outpost 22 on the Neutral Zone. Sometime in March, (the end maybe?) that ship made a suicide run at the outpost, according to AotF. If the ship was still en route in Q&A, that would place it in early-mid March at the absolute latest, and Resistance even earlier. Is this just going down as a discrepancy?
I was aware of that problem when trying to sort out the dates of the previous three novels, but I just couldn't reconcile Resistance taking place prior to March. There were multiple references in RES to several months having passed since the E-E went back on duty. Also, as I said above, it's unlikely that Before Dishonor takes place before June, and there can't be too much time elapsed between RES and BD; if anything, the first chapter of BD suggests that very little time at all has passed since RES.

So balancing those factors with the need to fit these events between sections of AotF led me to the late April/early May/early June breakdown for the three novels. That reference in the Shelby chapter was one detail I couldn't reconcile, but it was just a single sentence or two, not enough to outweigh the other factors. So it just goes down as a glitch.

On term limits, I've long felt that they were a mistake. We already have the power to limit the term of any officeholder -- by voting for the other candidate. But we also have the power to keep that officeholder if we think they're doing a good job. Term limits take away part of our freedom of choice, and that's contrary to the principles of a democratic system.
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