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Re: Scott Bakula Takes On Former Fred Astaire Part

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Uh huh. That's nice. Good for him. I like Scott Bakula. Really.


Do we have to keep track of every - little - thing that anybody that ever had a part in anything that was Star Trek related is involved with now? At what point do we need to let go of what is essentially non-Star Trek related news?

Hey! News Flash!!!! Whoopi Goldberg is still on "The View"!

Is there some kind of news-bot generating this crap?
I must say that I'm just that little bit offended by Pioneer's comment.

Scott Bakula didn't merely have some "little - thing" to do with Trek. He is and always will be the Captain of the NX-01!
You'd be surprised how few people I've come across in RL even know SB was ever *on* a Trek series at all. Great promotion of the show, UPN. I'm not sure what the offense is over, however, since I assume the poster was referring to the whole of Trek actors and not just Bakula.

Anyway...T'Bonz,do you have to search for these articles yourself, or do they get forwarded to you? *is unsure* either way, wow, what a lot of work for one admin.
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