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Re: Any other fans of "The Section 31 Files" here?

Agreed, the characters of Takila Mak and Judah Friese do play well off each other. I didn't really get into the series though til I had downloaded all the episodes, and let them run continuously on the iPod as I assembled furniture in my then-new apartment last year.

There's a lot of bad grammar around though in the dialogue --- lots of words used improperly; that can easily be solved by having another set of eyes edit the script.

Further, many times there are names, places, etc. that are mispronounced by the actors, which is forgivable, but again is easily rectified -- back when TNG and DS9 were accepting freelance spec scripts, the production office would ask for a pronunciation guide to be attached for any new, offbeat, or alien names or words.

I definitely enjoy the obscure references to the Hidden Frontier world -- mentioning a terrorist bombing "as far out as Deep Space 12" and obviously the opening of the series as well, not to mention Korg!

The character of Mak is at first hard to swallow --- he's always the badass, always the one with the witty comeback, and sometimes suffers from a kind of "Mak knows best" syndrome. Again, its forgiveable given the arc and general story of the series, but it grates after a while. Why can't Judah have a witty comeback? Why can't Dalonna? But there's a lovely mystery to him and the storyline about the Novachrons that just keeps me waiting for more.

As for Dalonna -- I very much preferred Kara Dennison's portrayal. This is not a diss against the other actors who took over the role; they all did a fine job. However, Dennison made it her own and I really believed she was the character.

The thing though that I really really enjoy -- and I only just realized this today as I re-listened to season 2 -- is the time dedicated to smaller roles, supporting characters, and the general world-building atmosphere each episode takes on. Its not always the same seven characters each episode; Supporting characters like Minister K''Laren and Cammy and Sebastian Breton are given more than just a few guest-star lines; they have their own stories, and all of the stories intersect at some point throughout the series. As I said in my original post, the epic scope of the show is just masterfully plotted, its just the details -- language but also the deification of Mak -- as himself or anyone else he becomes -- that sometimes point out the inherent flaws of the series.

On the whole though its an excellent series, one I am glad to have and be able to listen to and I salute Eric and his team at DarkerProjects for creating a truly enjoyable, inspiring, and entertaining product.

Is it April 1 yet?

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