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Cho Slightly Injured Working On 'Star Trek XI'

John Cho apparently sustained a slight injury during the filming of Star Trek XI.

As reported by, Cho appeared before an audience attending the 'Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay' screening held at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival sporting either a cast or an Ace bandage. He admitted to having received the injury, apparently a sprained right wrist, while shooting Star Trek XI.

A representative for Cho said that the injury was "no big deal" and would not affect the shooting schedule for Star Trek XI. Cho will be shooting more scenes this month.

Aintitcoolnews reports that Cho hinted at potential films after Star Trek XI. "I think there’s a possibility of them making more of these, yeah," he said when asked if a franchise was being anticipated.

To read more of the article, head to the article located here. The other article is located here.

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