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Star Trek: Independence "Claim Yours, Today!"

The USS Independence NCC-91805 (Sovereign Class) is in dire need of crew for her next mission. Mission summary is as follows:

Episode 4: Big Score

The Bendrolli, a very hierarchical civilization with a mandate to acquire technology for their Elite sponsors.

The Independence and her crew continue their one year exploration mission to the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant. On this leg of their journey, the Independence and her crew spend the better part of the last two months charting planetary systems. Their current mission takes them to the system designated as NGC4258 which happens to be in Bendrolli space.

The Independence encounters an unknown probe which appears and scans the entire ship. The probe then disappears. At a heightened alert, the Independence and her crew continue with their mission when they are attacked by unknown ships. The Independence is then boarded by aliens, which begin to steal various forms of technology, to include the main computer processor.

The crew of the now crippled Independence attempt to track down the culprits and recover their stolen technology. Their journey takes them to 12 Ophiuchi, a haven for pirates and other unsavory characters, who buy and sell stolen technology. There they come face to face with the Bendrolli who attacked the Independence.

Now the crew of the Independence must overcome the Bendrolli and recover the stolen technology to get their ship back to full power or lose it to the Bendrolli.

If this peeks your interest, stop by and take a look at the Independence Website at and the Independence Forum site at You donít want to be an Officer; well there are Enlisted and Warrant Officer, even Civilian positions available. Donít see a position for yourself, we will work with you to find a place for you. So don't delay. First come first assigned. We would love to have you aboard.

The USS Independence is a proud member of Bravo Fleet, the premiere Star Trek RPG on the `net, Task Force 58, Peacekeepers, Task Group Alpha.
Captain Keltos Jonn
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