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Re: Another fan attempt at TOS deck plans

Yeah, I vaguely recalled seeing T.M.O.S.T.'s diagram, but my point is, it seems you're going more with the phase two variant than the orginal? And come on, it isn't that difficult to extrapolate the rest of the decks from a centerline cutaway, it seems you've set yourself a much harder task in extrapolating from the pressure compartment diagram which is even more inacurate in terms of scale, being based on a ship half the size, with half as many decks as the Enterprise we've come to know? It would make just as much sense to say the ship is really that small and we've all been wrong lo these many years? It seems you're still 'filling in the blanks' to account for the Press. Comps. on those decks not included in the original diagram, it seems far less extrapolation is required to simply go with the T.M.O.S.T. diagram as a starting point? Don't get me wrong, as I've said many times, I like what your doing here, there's much food for thought, but I just don't see how you can say the T.M.O.S.T. diagram is one of the foundations of your cross section, when virtually nothing from it is used? So again, I think it's fair to ask, are you going to include any other elements from T.M.O.S.T.'s diagam such as placement/spaceing of hallways, 'A' frame doors, sensor/deflector machinary, stair cases, etc.?

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