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Re: Articles of the Federation [spoilers]

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The Ross resignation scene played very cinematically for me,I could almost see Barry Jenner's adams apple bob as he realised his fate.To be honest I wanted Ross to fight/argue his cause,but I respected him even more for not doing so.
Thanks. I have to admit sheepishly that that was probably the scene in the book I was happiest with.

The constant baseball thing did begin to grate to the extent that it kinda made the president of the federation look a little eccentric(and not in a good way).
As Esperanza explained at one point, baseball was her pressure valve -- the thing that keeps her sane in an insane job.

Bacco's bitch-slap to Tal'aura was almost worth the price of admission.(which reminds me...any plans to examine the romulan senates executions effect on that society?If the romulans live up to stereotype,there must have been wholescale skullduggery afoot to fill the new senate seats etc.)
Heh. And there are plans to deal with the Romulans, yes.
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