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Re: DS9 should get Remastered

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You act like they can't do it because of the SFX shots, but how did they do it for TOS? Sure they re-did the effects, but the scenes with people in it weren't reshot. You just run them through a filter to clean it up.
Videotape was never used for TOS. It was all done on film, even the effects. So technically, TOS could have been aired in HD without any redoing - they just chose to do all new effects, and to remaster the show.

For TNG, DS9 and Voyager, however, they did use tape (for all editing, and for the effects). That makes it impossible to air 'natively' in HD.

Upconverting is not at all the same thing as native HD. Not even close. Upconversion gives a sort of "false HD" that may look good*, but it is not true, native, "real" high definition.

*Upconversion is, in the final analysis, a completely useless marketing gimmick. ALL HDTVs must, by definition, upconvert, since if they didn't, you would get a tiny window of picture surrounded by black, whenever you viewed standard def programming.
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