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James Pike
Re: DS9 should get Remastered

So my upconverting DVD player on a 1080i TV is remastering the DVDs? Because it looks fine to me.
You seem to be confusing re-mastering with re-doing. Re-mastering is just making a new master copy in a different format.
Friends was filmed on tape, hell, look how many shows were filmed on tape, but I can buy them on DVD.
If the MASTER tapes are still around, then all that need sto be done is the tape is sent through the scanner they use and a computer sharpens colors and lines and creates a new frame. Not much to it other than artist touch ups in spots.
You act like they can't do it because of the SFX shots, but how did they do it for TOS? Sure they re-did the effects, but the scenes with people in it weren't reshot. You just run them through a filter to clean it up.

DS9, TNG, Voy just need to be upconverted to Blue Ray.
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