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Movie Caption Contest # 32: Party Time!

Since chances are that by the time the usual hour for me to update the caption contest will be up I'll be well into the Irish spirits, I figured I'd get this out of the way now. If I had to pick one word to describe last week's contest, it'd be...cannibalism. That and plastic surgery. Here are the winners:

Kirby wrote: View Post

Scotty: "I know this ship like the back of my... oops, this isn't sickbay. Sorry kid!"
Outpost4 wrote: View Post

Ensign Smores died at his post.
Shatmandu wrote: View Post

Scotty always blamed Kirk for his nephew's death, until the anger was released on that day on the Enterprise-B and he had to stifle his giggles ...
Haggis and Tatties wrote: View Post

The admirals fetish for hiding in the females bathrooms and pretending to be a toilet took a nasty turn for the worse as scotty rushed into the cubical after a night of pub crawling and haggis suppers.
cooleddie74 wrote: View Post

Kenny Rogers just didn't know when the hell to give up.
Mister.Woof wrote: View Post

"Auuughaa! 4:3 Trek was never meant to be converted to fricken widescreen!"

First post! Hi folks.
And first win, too. The Photoshop winners:

EliyahuQeoni wrote: View Post
Rat Boy wrote: View Post
Kirk: "Hey, look! Our meal's being hand delivered by Colonel Sanders himself!"

Who wanted extra crispy?
Year of Hell wrote: View Post

"Eng ge borg e da chrispy ensign. Bork bork bork"
And the multi-pic caption award:

The Squire of Gothos wrote: View Post

"Aye, its broken alright. Wait ye, put the Admiral in there?"

"Gah, Scotty, you..."
Congratulations to everyone. This week, let's all remember to party responsibly but caption irresponsibly:

Starship Essex: "Take Notice" New chapters every Monday.
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