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Re: Articles of the Federation [spoilers]

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It was interesting reading this book after Before Dishonour. I kept wondering when that book exactly happened, and how the president and her staff would have handled it, what they would have been doing, etc. Also, I noticed Janeway was still around in March (?), which spaces the relaunch books out a lot more in time than I had imagined originally.
My assumption in writing Greater Than the Sum was that Before Dishonor took place between the May and August sections of the book, specifically in June, shortly after Bacco's commencement speech to the Academy. It couldn't be earlier, since Bacco said this was the first Academy class to make it the entire four years without the Federation being at war. I also assumed that Resistance took place in late April, again between sections of AotF, and that Q & A took place in early May, between chapters 16 & 17 of AotF.
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